The Benefits of Mid-Brain Activation

Currently children between 6 to 14 years old experienced the highest success rate of mid-brain activation and have successfully applied Soni-India MID Brain Activation. skills for self improvement.

Our vision is to break away from the conventional thinking where

Soni-India MID Brain Activation.’s workshop is fun and it stimulates and motivates children’s mind to achieve:

our education concerned itself with what rather than how…

- Improved memory power
- Enhanced concentration power
- Higher self-esteem and confidence
- More articulate thinking style and sharper mind
- Stress management during revision and homework

On the other hand, Soni-India MID Brain Activation. also includes the fundamental teachings to build better character, personality and attitude. Students are taught and encouraged to explore:

- Objective making and goal setting
- Self-motivation techniques (optimism)
- Metaphorical thinking and power of visualisation
- Balancing the use of conscious and sub-conscious mind

Soni-India MID Brain Activation. is unique because the coursework prepares its students for lifelong learning.

When a child cultivates the habit of practising Soni-India MID Brain Activation. techniques, they shall also acquire another ground breaking skill called Brain-Child Mental Reading (to be explained in detail in the following page)

Brain-Child Mental Reading

Perhaps the most extraordinary skill of all in Soni-India MID Brain Activation. is the Brain-Child Mental Reading. Upon the completion of a 2-day workshop, students will acquire this phenomenal ability where they can ‘read’ or ‘see’ with their eyes shut or blindfolded.

Students will be blindfolded (usually with a piece of cloth tie around their head covering both their eyes) in order to reduce distraction.

The image appeared in their mind (not their eyes as they are blindfolded) is exactly the same as the object they are holding or around them. The ability to read blindfolded is a sign of their mid-brain being activated.

Children are taught how to garner their concentration power during the workshop as this is a vital exercise to strengthen their mental power…

This skill may sound supernatural (to read with their mind, not eyes!!!), but it is merely a form of brain ability that many people possess. Brain-Child Mental Reading can best describe as:

Healthy Body = Physical Exercise (swimming, jogging & etc.)
Healthy Mind = Mental Exercise (Brain-Child Mental Reading)


Soni-India MID Brain Activation. is a proven mind development programme based on scientific approach and motivational-teaching method. There are no elements of religion or magic in the entire coursework.