About Us

We are an education centre offering professional Whole Brain Development courses aspiring to uncover the latent potential of our younger generation,with the firm belief that proper right brain training will be immensely beneficial for children in unleashing that wondrous creativity within them, thus further complementing the country’s commendable education system.
Based on extensive researches and years of training experience carried out in Japan, our comprehensive training program is designed to empower its students (4 -16 yrs old) with the tools that will increase their memory and the key that will unlock their creativity!


“ Any child can be a genius, if only the right method is used.”

Each child is a unique individual with enormous potential to be developed. Through proper nurturing and a conducive environment, each and every child can blossom into productive and inspiring individuals that contribute to society and live happy fulfilling lives!


We specialize in the study of the right brain, its application and development to evaluate and design programs that will foster and nurture the young’s multiple intellectual development. Intense research and innovation has enabled us to provide a vibrant learning environment that will stimulate and realize the full potential of every student.


Established upon a bedrock of high standards and aspiration, we build upon the knowledge and learning of other disciplines such as mathematics and linguistic to further complement them. We aim to nurture a community of creative thinking individuals who do not simply follow but lead! Bringing creative skills and formal education together to shape the young into balanced life-long learners who will excel in the challenging future.